The New Old-Fashioned Way: Taking Classic Cocktails to the Next Level

Drinks. Cocktails. Alcoholic refreshments. These intoxicating beverages have been a staple in bars and restaurants since the beginning of time (minus the whole prohibition era), and there’s no chance they’re going anywhere. We love them for their delicious flavor and their relaxing effect, and young (not TOO young) or old, they’re always a pleasure to have… in moderation, of course.

But as the world learns more of the once-hidden secrets of the cocktail world, we’ve been able to influence the direction and inspiration of new choices, trends and concoctions. The current restaurant industry is focusing on providing a more forward-thinking experience to their clientele, and the cocktail is no exception. From ingredients to methodology, look out for these interesting developments, and ask your neighborhood mixologist for their thoughts as well.

Organic Alcohol – These days everyone wants to be greener, healthier and more natural. And while the nutritional value of alcohol is debatable, if given the option, why not consume organic? At least then you can justify “one more”… and maybe that burrito on the way home. Check out Tru Organic Vodka, Benromach Whiskey and Casa Noble tequila for a delicious treat with a splash of social responsibility.

Atomizers – These tools are popping up in all the finest bars across the country, and they’re used to give drinks an aesthetic edge that tastes good too. While the atomizer allows bartenders to “paint” designs (like stenciled logos) inside glasses and on top of drinks, the real value comes from the aromatic quality and the fresh flavor. Cocoa beans, chile peppers and chocolate bitters are just a few of the ingredients being used among progressive mixologists.

Home-made Ingredients – Say goodbye to the mixers and flavored liqueurs because this new movement is all about keeping it in the house. Everything from infused syrups to bitters and ginger beer is being done on bartenders’ turf, and it’s receiving rave reviews. There’s something about a cocktail made from scratch that makes it more than just something to drink – it makes it an experience. These customized orders are fresher, tastier and require a little more effort than measuring ounces… and who doesn’t love something made just for them?

Restaurateurs have no choice but to keep up with the latest and greatest, and whether it’s being green or being lean, progressive industry experts know they have to play the game – the good news is that it’s fun to try new things! Have you tasted these trends for yourself? What other drink fads do you forsee? Will these last?

Share your thoughts on the future of drinking in the comments below.

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  1. I agree, you much do something to set yourself apart from everyone else. I personally like signature drinks that you as a restaurant or bar do better or different any one else. Also so like infused spirits with candy, fruits,herbs or something off the wall like bacon, popcorn or peanut butter. ( see this in action at

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