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Our committees are made up of experienced member restaurateurs. They meet roughly once a month and discuss important topics relevant to the local restaurant industry.

The GHRA invites you to get active and be recognized for your commitment to the Association. We have committees are made up of experienced member restaurateurs and associate members. By joining our committee, you will be able to network with the membership, increase exposure to your business and have a great time while doing so. Committees meet as needed to plan and discuss important topics relevant to the local restaurant industry.

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Education Committee

Our Education Committee consists of volunteers committed to helping shape the next generation of the restaurant industry. Their efforts support the Texas Prostart program, the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation (TRAEF), and other local education incentive efforts. Learn about culinary programs in area high schools, food safety courses, become a mentor to someone who is just starting out. This committee helps drive helpful communication to members and the community and is the force behind quality programs and opportunities.

Member Value Committee

The Member Value Committee is the backbone committee focused on growing membership, engaging members and promoting the many benefits of the GHRA / TRA. Power in numbers: the more members in the Association, the louder and stronger our industry voice. This committee is key to supporting the association and helping members of our industry connect and participate. This committee creates platforms for members to increase exposure, recruits new membership and reinforces the benefits of the Association to existing members. You make an impact!

Government Affairs Committee

The GHRA Government Affairs Committee guides our efforts to influence political issues and regulations that affect our businesses and livelihood. Remember...we must get into politics or get out of business! This committee serves to strengthen our relationships within City Hall and to manage issues that impact the industry at both the local and state level. The committee will be asked to help devise plans and steps on how to achieve these goals.

Events Committee(s)

Each event is designed to raise funds for culinary schools, programs and charities, while providing a good time for members and industry-related dignitaries. The Event committees promote GHRA events, research theme ideas for events, help solicit auction item donations and assist with overall event coordination. If you enjoy parties (both behind the scenes and in the limelight) you’ll fit right into one of these groups

Events Committee – Supports the other key member activities throughout the year such as our Fall Cookout, Member Mingles, Insider Education Outlets and much more.
Gala Committee – Get involved with GHRA largest fundraising event of the year, the GHRA 2018 Annual Golden Forks Award Gala!
Golf Committee – Make plans to join us as we plan our GHRA 2018 Annual Spring Swing Golf Tournament!

Trending Initiatives Committee

The Trending Initiative Committee is new this year. This committee creates a platform to discuss important topics relevant to the local restaurant industry such as third-party delivery, cashless era, industries technology companies and more. 

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is new this year. The committee will focus on growing engaging and members through a variety of sponsorships. Help us think outside the box and approach new companies to sponsor our upcoming events. Proceeds benefit the GHRA Scholarship Fund, the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation, the GHRA, and other deserving local culinary institutions and charities.

Marketing/Public Relations Committee

The Marketing/ Public Relations Committee is new this year. The goal for this committee is to grow membership while increasing the association image in the community. Help promote our education program (Texas Prostart program) in the local Houston area. This committee will be asked to work along the other committees to meet their Marketing/PR needs.

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